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  • Gorden Wagener
    teaches design

    In this online course, Gorden Wagener shares his design philosophy and provides an unprecedented insight into the DNA of the Mercedes brand with topics such as corporate design, branding and electrical transformation. Whether you are interested in automotive design, architecture, furniture design or art, Gorden's aim is to inspire creatives from all fields.

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  • Two icons collide.
    What remains is art.

    Together with Moncler, he has created a work of art that was just unveiled at London Fashion Week as part of the live "Art of Genius" show. Wagener is already working on the cars of tomorrow, which could become iconic the day after tomorrow. In an exclusive interview with Esquire, he explains the big dream of outer space and why exaggeration is really sexy.

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  • Sexyness is not rational

    Can sports cars have electric drives and sex appeal at the same time? In this interview, Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer from Mercedes-Benz, gives an adequate answer to this question and tells us more about the future of the automobile, not only from a designer’s point of view.

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  • Cars as Companions
    - A look into the future with Mercedes-Benz

    Join Mercedes-Benz Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener for a rundown on how design and technology intersect to create something more than a car—a digital companion.

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  • Interview with CDO
    Gorden Wagener

    Gorden Wagener´s goal is to to build the most desirable cars in the world for the brands of the Mercedes‑Benz Group. At this year’s Design Essentials in Nice, France, we are talking with him about exciting new products and visions of the future – both physical and digital.

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  • Chapter Talks E01 |
    Gorden Wagener

    We talk to Gorden Wagener about his design philosophy, iconic models and sources of inspiration. An interesting exchange between insights into the daily work as chief designer of a global corporation and personal anecdotes from his private and professional career.

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  • How to build a sexy future with Mercedes’
    Gorden Wagener

    Speaking to Gorden Wagener about the EQS and his design philosophy in general, it is clear that Wagener believes in a type of luxury that is not just expensive, but one that is responsible for transforming the nature of everyday life. And as we barrel into a new era with new values, more will need to change about luxury vehicles than just their drivetrains.

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