The smart Concept #5 embodies the core of smart’s design philosophy — Love, Pure, Unexpected — bringing these elements together in an honest, functional and forward-thinking design.

“With the smart brand, we had the courage right from the start to radically rethink and design a completely new, intelligent concept: an ultimate city car. But times have changed, and the brand and its products have evolved. With our smart Concept #5 we achieve the unexpected – form and function in a perfect combination. The concept car is a statement, a car for the brave off-road adventurers, the next level in the off-road segment.”

Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer of Mercedes-Benz Group AG

The Concept #5 represents the boldest, most muscular aesthetic from smart to date, while maintaining the brand’s hallmark of approachability. The vehicle combines stylish comfort with an honest, bold and boxy design, showcasing capabilities that promise freedom and excitement in equal measure.